Diet for a Summer Body

The sunshine is getting ready to come as summer approaches. It is yet another time of year when it seems that there is an extra incentive to diet. Shorts and tshirts start to get dusted out and come out of the wardrobe so should the pursuit of a beach ready summer figure but reason enough to diet?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, of course a reason to diet and be more healthy is good, no matter what that reason might be. But the thing is the whole concept of fad dieting for a short term gain or target, for example a summer beach body, is fundamentally flawed.

Diet is very much about psychology. If you immediately set your mind (and body) into the midset of reaching a specific and defined target then long term success becomes less important. It is more likely that you will at first suceed and then unfortunately fail. When the holiday is over and the Winter months return this isn’t reason enough to fall into bad habits for the sake of repeating the cycle every 12 months.

A short term goal is great. If it inspires you to gain impetus and momentum to embrace your new lifestyle that’s great and it should be encouarged. The secret, well it’s not really a secret, but the important thing is to carry on with that momentum and let it drive you towards a better, healthier and improved lifestyle for the long term future.

girls in summer bikinis

The impact of being able to get in your favorite summer clothes is a goal worth fighting for and the rewards for both your body and mind are well deserved. The habit forming behaviour can drive you to push towards further targets and maintain the new health, happiness and lust for life that you’ve hopefully discovered. Don’t follow yet another celebrity weight loss DVD plan for a few weeks then give up. Strive to acheive, drive to acheieve.

It’s the small changes that can make the big differences and you and your family will feel the benefits longterm.

The Fat Diminisher Diet

The Fat Diminisher System

Every diet has its potential benefits and most can claim to have their own individual methods and processes that help dieters achieve and surpass their targets goals and dreams. The majority of diets will tell you to eat more vegetables and fruit – common foods that are perceived by the masses to be healthy and good for you – but the Fat Diminisher System challenges this and many of the other myths of dieting.

The new, innovative and ground breaking diet aims to cleanse the body of the incredible amount of toxins that are present in our everyday food. It’s not just aimed at weight loss but at overall and long term body health and wellness.

The great things is that the foundations of this program are very much build on simplicity and the ability to take quick steps that have quick results with little effort or impact on your existing lifestyle.  One of the most complained about parts of the body is the belly and this can be a particular problem for women dieting after child birth. The Fat Diminisher Diet identifies how the acidity of food can have a profound affect on conditions such as obesity and metabolic problems and identifies the super foods that can help redress the balance and help to literally melt away unsightly and unwanted fat around the midrift.

The Fat Diminisher diet can help reduce belly fat and reveal your six pack

The whole system concentrates on targeting packaged, genetically modified and processed foods that contain so many harmful substances that destroy your internal body ecosystem. It highlights and encourages the consumption of foods that replenish vital nutrients and water rich fruit and vegetables.

The system is not a fly by night, quick fix, it’s about establishing and maintaining a lifestyle that good for your long term health and wellness and will help ensure peak levels of energy, stamina and vitality for your every day life well into the future.

So if you’re going to try a New Year Diet this year check out the Fat Diminisher System and take the first steps towards your brighter future.


Quit Smoking in the New Year

Stop Smoking for the New Year

It should never be thought that there is a bad time to stop smoking. Stop now, stop tomorrow, stop when you next reach a birthday. Just quit. Quit for you, your family, your health and your future. As a non smoker of a relative who has suffered terribly as a result of smoking I can testify to the devastating effects smoking has. The effects are felt by everyone and not just the smoker, it’s their family and friends who suffer as well and are often powerless to do anything about it, especially with teen smoking

Stop smoking clinics and advice lines always report a surge in patients around the turn of the year every year. It is perhaps encouraging that one of the most popular new years resolutions is to stop smoking. Along with losing weight and going on a diet these are positive resolutions that have to be committed to past the end of January to have any real long term affect.

Is New Year the best time to stop smoking

Nicotine replacement products always report a surge in sales in the first quarter of the year and the sales of the relatively new ecig is also expected to hit its annual peak in the first few months of the year.

So whats the best way to stop? How can you quit smoking successfully and for the long term? There are a lot of options out there and a lot of services (many of them free) that will do everything they can to help you quit so you don’t need to struggle alone

  • Attend local community drop in clinics
  • Try reading the Stop Smoking book by Allen Carr – it’s helped millions
  • Join in online forums and real life group sessions – talking to others gives a team ethic
  • Visit support services that are made available in your local area
  • Try nicotine replacements products – there is a plethora of products available
  • Have a strong will to want to quit- remind yourself of the immediate benefits
  • Partner your quitting with starting a new hobby or activity

Nicotine replacements products can help you to quit smoking

Perhaps the most important part about quitting though is wanting too. This might sound simple, or obvious but it’s true. Look at the benefits, weigh up your future and contemplate how you want to spend the years of your life with your family. The harsh realities of not stopping smoking should be enough.

Diet Tips and a Healthy Life

Staying Healthy with a Diet for Life

There are so many diets out there that you could probably build up a sweat and lose some weight trying to get your head round all of them and pick out a suitable one for you. The dieting program to suit you is out there, you just have to do a bit of research to find it.

 2 week diet

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you’re selecting what you hope will be a life changing diet is to be honest with yourself. The major factor in the success of any diet is your willpower, commitment and honesty with yourself. The only person you will ever really cheat if you don’t adhere to the parameters of your diet is yourself. So whether you select a 2 week diet for quick results or a protein based diet plan always be true to yourself.

Any diet plan worth the paper (or app!) that it’s written on will encourage you to perhaps seek out the advice of a health professional before embarking on a new program or health related change. If your body is not ready for major changes you should perhaps be taking smaller, less intense diets and exercise programs. A long term goal is much more realistic and a diet promising that you’ll lose weight in 2 weeks is not for everyone – probably only athletes who can cope with such intense body changes and behaviour.

Ongoing changes in your life to make long lasting improvements will only come with a lasting commitment to your goals. Set yourself realistic targets, reward yourself and be proud of your achievements. Share you hopes and dreams with those close to you and they can be there to help you on your challenges – if you are doing this for the benefit of your family too they will be happy to be companions on your journey.